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My Home Makeover

Let's talk exterior home details. I've been thinking about doing this blog post for awhile now, but I have been struggling on how to present it to you all! We have an older home (built in 1956) and a limited budget. Our goal for purchasing our home was not so much about our home per… Continue reading My Home Makeover

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Spring Bedroom Refresh

AfterBefore Hello Spring! I can't believe the nice weather we have been enjoying here in Upstate New York. It has inspired me to make some changes inside as well as out. I will be sharing the outside changes once things start to sprout, until then let's talk about creating a cozy bedroom. New Bed Frame.… Continue reading Spring Bedroom Refresh

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Creating a Spring Mantle

Spring Mantle I don't know about where you are, but here in NY we still have plenty of snow! The snow makes me feel so blah.... During this time of the year I try to keep my design easy and light. I'm eager to move on from the snow and introduce some greens. As the… Continue reading Creating a Spring Mantle

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Winter Blues

Hello cold snowy days! Here in Upstate New York our winters seem to go on and on. A girl gets pretty tired of all that snow and cold. I admit that I am a lover of summers, so getting to those warms days seems to take forever. Changing things up inside really does help to… Continue reading Winter Blues