The Lavender Cottage

For the month of February, I’m happy to Spotlight the charming Lavender Cottage Blog. After doing some reading I was pleased to see that this charming cottage is actually a rental. It is situated in the seaside town of Whitby, a borough of North Yorkshire, England. I can’t think of anything better then retreating to the seaside and staying in a cozy cottage! It must be absolute bliss during the spring and summer months, when the warm breeze is driven off the coast.

You can see why I was drawn to this particular home, given the soft colors and use of texture. I’m particularly obsessed with those curtains! This is where I would insert the WOW face emoji!!! I love how well this room is balanced in color and in the use of woods and warmth. I think so often we are afraid to use paint to transform a space. But when light is sparse (room has one window), painting the beams and ceiling in a light warm color and walls will actually reflect the sunlight and pull more of it in.

This quaint bedroom is the reason I chose to Spotlight Lavender Cottage for the month of February. This is not a hard feeling to replicate in your own space. It can be accomplished thru layering of pillows, blankets and rugs. If you look closely there isn’t actually a lot going on in this bedroom. It has arches in the ceiling and is abundant in character. Therefore, the phrase ‘less is more’ is very true in this space. By adding wallpaper they were able to create a feature wall, which drives the eye immediately. I am actually debating adding a wallpaper feature behind my bed. I haven’t decided if I will be doing a pattern like this or adding a textured seagrass wallpaper. You will have to wait and see what I decide on.

For those of you that used to follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a big fan of keeping my design simple. Here you see a wonderful example of using a light hand when decorating this space. The only wall art found is a mirror on the other side of the bed, which acts to enlarge the space and create a reflection of that quaint wallpaper. Also, they chose a smaller textured chair for night reading or gazing out the window at the beautiful garden.

Outside the cottage you can see the town it resides in and the beautiful brick work that adorns the cottage. I will also add some more photos for your viewing pleasure. Click here to go and Visit the Lavender Cottage and explore more of this charming home.

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