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Piano Decoration

Lighting and Wall Art

I love using soft lighting in my home. Overhead lighting can feel harsh and impersonal. In order to create a cozy and intimate space, lighting is key. I love this lamp because it has height, has a thin enough base to fit on top of my keyboard and produces a soft glow. A lamp on your piano or keyboard is the perfect way to make the space feel soft and cozy while also producing function.

Artwork, window frames and/or wreaths can give the space its own identity and make it feel like it has its own purpose. I have used a simple window frame and put a wreath over it. I like to change the wreath for each season, making changing my decor easy and fun.

Antique Pieces

I love using antique items in my home. They make my home feel like I have curated my decor over time. In actuality, going to an antique store and picking out several pieces that speak to you and mixing them in with your other pieces is a easy way to make your home feel eclectic and evolved. They help to create a richness and design that can’t be purchased at a box store.

I purchased this pitcher from an antique shop. I loved the distressed handle and painted color. I put it on the opposite end of my lamp so that I can create height. This is very easy to recreate yourself. Find a pitcher and use chalk paint and seal it with a wax. It will last for years and add a pop of visual interest. A quick tip: if you love antique books, go to your local library and ask if they are selling any out of circulation books. I picked up a bunch of antique books for a steal at my local library and use them for reading and for decorating.

Define Your Space

Define your space with a rug or carpet. Here I have chosen a smaller rug that matches the runner in my hallway to tie the two spaces together. Again, it makes it feel like this space has a purpose even though it is a transitional space. .

Inspirational Piano Decoration – Contrast

Now that I have shared my space and some easy tips I thought I would share some of my favorite inspirational photos. I have a noticed a trend for painting pianos, although I’m not against it, I really like the contrast that a darker piano/keyboard makes. Not everything needs to be matchy-matchy. A contrasting piece can add a lot of visual interest and create depth in the room. You see the power of contrast with these examples. They have successfully created a “wow” moment in their space.

Galley Wall

A Galley Wall is a great way of defining your music space and giving it a voice of its own. Here we see three other examples of pianos that have a galley wall behind them. I have a galley wall behind my couch in my home and love it. Some people are afraid that a galley wall will be too busy. It can look organized and clean if done correctly.

Pictured is my galley wall behind my couch. I laid out my art and worked from the center out. Below is a link for how to create your own galley wall.

Height Rules

For my last inspirational photos, I wanted to share how these designers used height to create that “wow” factor. Because both pianos are muted in color, they used dramatic floral arrangements to create texture/color and volume. More isn’t always better, here we see they kept it simple.

What do you think? Did I leave an idea out? Leave me a comment below.

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