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3 Fall Tablescapes

Are you feeling the Fall vibes? I felt the shift almost immediately. Fall is here and if you’re like me and don’t like the cold, you do everything you can to warm up your interior space. I love decorating for fall, it helps me to not be so sad about the impending cold weather that follows.

I thought I would share 3 Fall Tables that you can easily create. From super easy and pretty, to a more elaborate table setting for dinner parties and then some outdoor dining fun.

Every Day Fall Table

I love Mums! I get excited when I see them start to appear outside. The great things about Mums is they come in such pretty color options and are hearty and easy to maintain. Here I have used my orange Mum as my centerpiece and paired it with small baking pumpkins that you can purchase at any grocery store. I found my lace table runner at a local antique shop, which does a great job of breaking up the dark wood on my table and creating texture. I love how easy and festive my table instantly becomes.

Let There Be Light

I love using candles for setting a moody and soft table. It instantly makes the space feel magical and intimate. I am also a big fan of using antique tableware. I purchased these plates from an estate sale. For setting a table, you don’t have to be matchy-matchy. I think it adds character and visual interest when things don’t match. Instead of hitting up HomeGoods or your favorite retail shop, try hitting up your local Goodwill. You’ll be surprised at the quality of dishware you can find for half the price!

There really are no rules in my mind for a great centerpiece. As long as it feels festive and fun, then you can’t go wrong. Here I have mixed a fall leaf bouquet, faux pumpkins, candles and real pumpkins to create a joyous table. Keep messing with it until it feels right! Tip: If your someone who loves to burn candles for that soft glow – Ikea has inexpensive candles sold in sets.

Outdoor Dining Done Right

It’s fun to get outside and enjoy the leaves falling and the changing scenery. Here I have dressed up my outdoor table with an orange tablecloth and some cute pillow-covers I found thru Amazon. I fell in love with these Pier 1 buffalo plaid salad plates and mixed it with an antique set of blue and white china. Again, throw those rules out the window, Plaid on plaid? Yep, do it! And I say the more color (I know the trend seems to be less color), but just go for it. Embrace the orange, embrace the yellows, make it all about fall! Have Fun!

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