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Spring Bedroom Refresh

Hello Spring! I can’t believe the nice weather we have been enjoying here in Upstate New York. It has inspired me to make some changes inside as well as out. I will be sharing the outside changes once things start to sprout, until then let’s talk about creating a cozy bedroom.

New Bed Frame. My previous bedframe broke and I found myself having to find a replacement. I loved…really LOVED my old bed frame and it had served me well. I had it before my daughter, she’s now 7. It lasted us longer then I had expected it to.

When I started looking I made the decision that I wanted a similar frame to our Master Bedroom. I like the antique look and I feel it’s important to stick with the integrity of our home. I knew I wanted this style and I wanted it to be white.

You can imagine my surprise when I purchased the new frame and it looked more blue then white. I thought about returning it or chalk painting it white. I even left a distasteful review regarding the color.

But after living with it for a couple of weeks now, I actually love the color! My husband made the joke, “even when you’re looking for a white bed you buy blue!” This was a totally unconscious decision, but one I’m glad I made.

The bed is so sturdy and adds such a level of charm to our guest bedroom. I’ll link my old bed and new bed for those in the market for this particular style. I am really impressed at how affordable both beds are.

I also purchased a bedskirt/duster for the new bed. I am obsessed with this bedskirt. It instantly warms the space up with charm and adds texture.

Patterns: When creating a cozy space, don’t be afraid of patterns and texture. The pattern on my curtain seems to work against my pillow shams, but the colors are complimentary. My rule of thumb is – try different variations until it feels right. By keeping my comforter and throw pillows neutral, it balances the patterns.

Rug: I purchased this rug on sale and had a 15% off coupon from Overstock. I am always nervous to purchase rugs online. I have become quite successful at doing it. My last 4 rugs I have purchased online and have loved them all. My advice when buying a rug online is read reviews and look at reviewers photos. Even if their aren’t any photos from customers on the website, check other websites under the same name of the item your interested in. I will spend a lot of time considering and reading reviews before purchasing. I am usually able to find reviews of the same product on Hayneedle, Home Depot, Kohls, Wayfair and Target. Also, this is a great way to price compare and get the best deal.

This space has become my quiet place where I do reflective reading and thinking. This space has also become Toshi’s sunbathing room, as it gets the best afternoon sun. I am looking forward to having friends and family come and visit. I hope you have enjoyed these tips. For more on where to buy items found in my home – visit my Amazon Storefront.

2 thoughts on “Spring Bedroom Refresh”

  1. Hi Patience! Happy Spring ! Your bedroom looks absolutely beautiful and of course Toshi is so adorable ! Have a wonderful day sweet friend ! πŸ€πŸ’™πŸ€


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