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Winter Blues

Hello cold snowy days! Here in Upstate New York our winters seem to go on and on. A girl gets pretty tired of all that snow and cold. I admit that I am a lover of summers, so getting to those warms days seems to take forever. Changing things up inside really does help to keep my mind off that snow and cold.

I love bringing out my Blue and Whites for winter. In January I sprinkle it around and will keep my white trees from Christmas up. I’ll add white roses to accent my pretty blues. This keeps the space feeling fresh while making me think of spring. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the florist or Trader Joes for those fresh bouquets, these are faux! I scored them off of Amazon and have linked them below.

White roses are always a great way to transition from Christmas Decor into winter solstice. If using faux roses like these, make sure you pull the petals apart to create the illusion of them opening.

Keep that tree up thru January to use for a winter decoration.

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